Tuesday, 22 September 2009

onece upon a time in the library...

Have your way...

You might think that after a summer of youthwork, moving house, and general frivolities a person would feel excited about returning to the library to fill their mind with new and exciting wisdom....
you would think maybe wrong. It could be because I havent had a proper break, i'd like to go with that, maybe do some fun things before college starts.
I arrived in the library about an hour ago. So far I have procrastinated, changed my status on facebook, written out my dissertation title, and arranged my books on the table... it does look like i'm trying to work, it just doesn't seem to want to happen.

Its getting quite cold though, i cannot justify leaving the library after just one hour. surely not.

Last night I found myself bored for the first time over the summer, the youthwork has practically been taken over now. First day of placement over and done with. Life is getting less complicated, not that it really is in the grand scheme of things... all i want to do is make videos, take photos, bake cakes and live by the sea....

I dyed my hair on sunday, i didn't like it, now its growing on me.

Watch this space, i am procrastinating to the extreme but I love it.

Saturday, 19 September 2009

i've got a plan...

I've started trying out my new camera its a cannon ixus 9.5 or something like that
its very pretty and very cool. small nice to carry around in a bag with you! It came with a tripod and case which was much appreciated.

The photos it takes are good, but still not as good as my big nikon dlr...
I think i am a photography snob, I know its purpose is

not necessarily awesome photo,s more snapshots, you know? Here are a couple of pictures. Will hopefully try it out some more tomorrow.
Again, its main purpose for getting it was for carrying around so i could snap a picutre, its much easier to carry around than the bigger ones :)

I am excited. So i will stop rambling and show you lovely people the pictures, let me know what you think...

photo shoooot

My new camera arrived today with my parents in tow!
was lovely to see them and havea cuppa.

let me on the inside I'll be your shoulder...

This morning I planned on going for a run, it didn't happen. I think I'm better running in the afternoon, early evening. I planned my day out yesterday after realising I have a very rare full day with nothing concrete planned. Its nice. Refreshing, chilled. After having an inpromtu lie in instead of going for a run I'm in the living room of our lovely new flat. Sat with a cup of tea contemplating the fact that it is national cupcake week, and my dissertation title...

I love this mug, my parents brought me a teapot and matching mugs for my birthday/housewarming. The teapot has been used... aLOT.

The exciting part is that I think I have my dissertation title. Potentially. Although I recall that it is supposed to be something that you can argue about, which means it needs to be a statement rather than a question... I have the four area's I want to write about, I think it is just about adjusting the question slightly.
My brain just doesnt seem to want to function at the moment. Idea's won't come together, its just sporadic and i find myself thinking really hard, but it seems like theres somthing in the way, I was thinking about this earlier, I was always better at maths and physics than essay subjects at school.

Lets look at the evidence... maths and physics, love of computer games..
I'm not a geek.
I'm spending too much time on youtube... back to the dissertation... hopefully!

On a sidenote, i have just realised I have been pronouncing colby callait's name wrong for the past year....
This week its national cupcake week. click on the picture to go to an awesome cupcake site.
I wish I was thatskilled in cupcake making.

seriously, i think i now want to own my own cupcake bakery,
maybe I should see if i can make them first....

Friday, 18 September 2009

Message in a bottle.

The past six weeks feel like they have gone by in a totall blur.
I still havent got a title for my dissertation.

I think i'm figuring some stuff out though.

I know that I'm too busy, thats for sure.
Less than two weeks until third year begins.
third year

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Another year

This morning I woke up to find a happy birthday email from jimmy eat world.
it may be generic, but made me happy!

ello there.

This is hillarious,

just over an hour left of being 22.

Sunday, 6 September 2009

Eccentric rave up of the millennia

rave fun times.
on thursday I turn 23
on monday miriam turns 21.