Saturday, 20 December 2008

Slow dancing in a Burning Room.

I don't think I could ever switch off my thinking. Is it possible to do so? The closest I think I get is when I'm travelling somewhere or just hanging out listening to music. Its nice to just listen. Takes focus off everything, well almost...

...your mind starts piecing things together. Making connections. To memories, the first time you listened to a song. If you can relate to it in anyway. Or maybe its just me. Imagination, thinking, reflecting.

Sometimes it brings perspective. Sometimes epiphany, Sometimes rest.
But for that time it seems like all that is happening at that moment in time, is the song is playing, and then there's you, listening.

Thursday, 18 December 2008


Time moves forwards and things change,
It was Summer and now its Christmas.

Its nice to finally get a chance to stop.
and reflect.

Monday, 8 September 2008

My bags are packed.

This is the third post I have started in the last couple of days, and probably be the next to be published.

I move back to London in three days. My bags are mostly packed. One of my favourite songs just came on Itunes. It's very fitting to the way I'm feeling,

"I know a place that we've forgotten, a place we won't get caught in, a place they won't know who we are".

We've lived in this house for it must be over 15 years now. When I leave for London it will be my last real time spent here. I'll come back before my parents go, but I won't be living here anymore. It shouldnt really matter in the grand scheme of things however growing up in a place, everywhere you go there will be a memory. I could show you around my town, let alone my street and there would be so many stories. Moving to a new place is exciting, and new memories will be made, and the old remembered fondly.

This summer has been one of many transitioning periods in my life, for defferent reasons including this one. Coming home sometimes can be like going back in time, which has sometimes be a good thing, and sometimes not been. I guess what I am saying is the next month or so will mean moving forwards, going home to worthing will be different. but I'm okay with it. I've been spending alot of time with my friends from Hertford the last couple of weeks. It's reminded me of how much fun I have had. Photo's capture those memories, hence why I probably love taking photo's so much. Strong friendships have been made, some even spanning 10 years. They are special to me, so very special. We'll keep in touch I'm sure of it. But it won't be the same.

To quote another song, "thanks for the memories" I really do mean it.

Thursday, 4 September 2008

the first

It is late, but i was just reading through some friends' blogs. I decided it was time to re-join the bandwagon and express myself through the medium that is words electronically.

There has been no significant event to spur this on, I am nearing the end of the summer after my first year studying Theology and Counselling and university. Nearing my 22nd birthday. I've never really been good at writing, I can string a sentence together but nothing special, although I did have a poem published once. That was exciting.

One thing I am guilty of is thinking too much which I am sure will no doubt become apparant. But for now it is time to close my short introduction.

Welcome to September. A good month so far.